“Lead with Love; love”

| March 2017

In late March my living status changed from stable to unstable.

After a few weeks in I was finding a new place to stay

I moved with a friend

Things became rocky so I moved out early
| April 2017

Car accident 4/9/17

Within a week I was depressed and angry everyday all day
| Mid April

I was broke an had bills still coming in

Creditors calling, the irritation began

Life was a daily struggle an it was getting worse
| May 2017

I got rained on, I wasted the two dollars I had on a broken washing machine

My clothes are still dirty, I’m out of everything

I have been crying every night

Wanted to end things more than 2x over

I’ve been punching things, more irritated as my credit score drops
| Mid May

I’m letting go, I start to pray
God has given me a better way to see this experience

I finally realize I can’t do it by myself

I learned to wait on God

I understood now that I needed him in life

By the end of May I am smiling more

I’m still not in the clear, I’ll never be

I’ve been embracing the love I have around me

My eyes are open, I’m thinking clearly

My Season is HERE
| June is Here
And it all seems like a dream


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